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fluentlysimlish replied to your photoset “Movie night ♥”

These are exactly the type of poses I mean! ^_^

Really!? Well I can do these types! I totally just came up with a movie night thing in my head and did the poses in like 2 mins lol. Still need to fix it up but okay! Still send me pics if you can :)

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Omg Eric is my bby, he’s so cute and perf and omg ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

creatingsims replied to your photoset “Movie night ♥”

can i has? ;-;

Wait, the poses or? Sorry I don’t know what you mean bby D:

radicalsims replied to your photoset “Movie night ♥”


shhhhh, you’ll give the secret out bby :3 

Movie night ♥

Anonymous sent: Hi I just wanted to say that I absolutely love your poses and your blog and I also wanted to ask if you ever considered making couple poses, it's not an request I just wondered because I love your selfie poses ;-;

Yes! I’m definitely working on couple poses but they’re a bit more difficult so i’ve been practicing with it a little. Once I have some pictures I really like, i’ll try to make some more :)

Queen Rae

Queen Rae

Rae & Austin ♥

Rae & Austin

plumbobdollhouse sent: Wcif the top Rae is wearing in /post/83007753698/rae-austin ? :D

Only posting because i’ve gotten a lot of asks for it! 

Here, ♥




sincerelyasimblr let me know about this liar on Instagram. And the funny thing about it is that they are letting everybody know that it’s their sims and talking so much bull! They are stealing pics of all our simmies and claiming it as theirs. If you see your sims on their page you know what to do!!! Report!!!! Thanks for letting us know hun!

HEY I need all my followers to do me a favor and REPORT this instagram. I take time making all of my screenshots and I would hate for someone to steal credit for my work like he/she is doing with some of the other simblrs pics! Thank you!

Wow this person almost got my name that really want me to change my simblr name now lol but yeah i’ll report!

Rae & Austin ♥

Rae & Austin

Beach Bunnie

Beach Bunnie